The Fight To Save Tytherington School 1983-84


Tytherington School

The Case for Tytherington School

Throughout the late 1970's and early 1980's it became clear that the Government and Local Authorities had a policy to gradually close down uneconomic rural schools. 

In July 1983 the County of Avon Director of Education Geoffrey Crump informed the Governors of the School that they intended to close the school in September 1984.  Its role had been falling steadily over the years from its peak of 150 and was now only 29 with no great increase anticipated in the near future.  The Governors, Friends of the School, Parents, Children and Villagers then began the fight to keep their village school.

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The letter received from the Director of Education giving details of their proposal to close the school. Newspaper articles indicate the strength of feeling in the village
Proposal for the village to buy the school Derek Turner chair of the Friends of Tytherington School writes a letter to the Gazette A protest meeting is held by villagers Action Group appeal to Minister of Education Sir Keith Joseph

A document entitled 'The Case For Tytherington School' was produced by the Friends of the School to support the school and argue against the closure