Head teachers at Tytherington School
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Tytherington  School  Head teachers


1879       Miss Louisa Pullin

1885       Miss Taylor

1889       Miss Fosket

1890       Mr Lissaman

1893       Mr Lissaman and teachers left  Feb 23rd

1893       Mr & Mrs Tuck appointed (Headmaster and Mistress)  6th March

1896       Mr & Mrs Tuck resigned 19th June

1896       Mr & Mrs George Manuell  appointed  July 20th


Mr George Manuel Head teacher 1896 - 1911

1903       Ivy Manuell appointed Monitress

1911       Mr & Mrs Manuell and Miss Manuel resigned1911      

1911     Mr James Hemmingway appointed


Mr James Hemmingway Head teacher 1911-1941

1913       Mrs Hemmingway appointed as Mistress

1941       Mr & Mrs Hemmingway retire in January after 29 years 10 months service to the school

1941       Mr Richard Leakey appointed in February

1941       Mrs Leakey appointed temporary teacher

1952       Mr Leakey resigns in September

1953       Mr Wade temporary Head for January

1953       Mrs Leakey appointed Headteacher in February

1966       Mrs Leakey retires in December  after 25 years service to the school

1967       Mr Philpott temporary Head until March

1967       Mr Peter Grudgings appointed in April


 Mr Peter Grudgings Head teacher 1967 - 1982

1982       Mr Grudgings retires in July

1982       Mrs Grimsell appointed acting Head

1984       July - School closes