The Riddiford Family in Gloucester Jail August 1816
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Below is an extract from the Gloucester Jail Record Book which gives details the four members of the Riddiford family, Abraham and Dinah, and their sons Luke and Aaron charged with theft.




All four members of the family were charged with the same offence.  The extract on the left reads:-

"charged upon the oath of Daniel Reed of Thornbury cordwainer (a shoe-maker as opposed to a cobbler who only repaired shoes) with feloniously taking stealing and carrying away in the night time from his dwelling house two sides of bacon two pigs cheeks, one tongue piece, two sweet bones, one copper kettle and about 39 lb of salt butter in an earthen pan of the value of 4 the property of him the said Daniel Reed"

Abraham Riddiford is described as age 71 with grey hair  very much gone on his forehead, grey eyes, long features, lost his front teeth , a scar upon his right cheek and ruptured.  Labourer 5ft 4ins. He behaved well, was able to read a little and on 21 August 1816 he was found not guilty

Dinah Riddiford 69 who can neither read nor write is described as having grey hair with dark hazel eyes and fair complexion. A long face, large nose and wide mouth.  She was 5ft 6 ins (taller than her husband) and occupation a Labourer.  She was found guilty and hanged on 7th September 1816.

Luke Riddiford 33 was also found guilty but his sentence to be executed was commuted to transportation to Australia for life.  He had dark hair with dark hazel eyes, dark complexion, broad face with long nose and a wide mouth.  He had a large scar on his forehead and other scars on his nose, upper lip, the right corner of his mouth.  The little finger on his left hand is broken and he has a large mark on the calf of his left leg from a scald.  He was 5ft 6 ins, able to read and write, and his occupation was a Waterman.

Aaron Riddiford 23 was found not guilty.  He was described as having light brown hair, light hazel eyes, brown complexion, long face rather long nose and a large mole on his right shoulder, a scar on the small of his back and a large substance(?) fore finger right hand.  He was 5ft 8 ins, a labourer and able to read and write.