Tytherington School Log Books Highlights 1890 to 1972
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Tytherington School Log Book Highlights 1890 - 1972

1890       Sept:  95 pupils on roll.  Attendance problems, parents summoned

November:  School closed for 3 weeks due to measles

1891       May: Fees taken £9-15s-4d  Drawing now done with paper and pencil instead of slates

Sept : School now a Free School – Penny Bank started.  Library started with 100 books

1893:     Jan 11th  Drawing exam for boys, holiday for girls and infants     

1895       93 on roll, School leaving age raised to 13               

1896       School closed June 19 to July 20th owing to a whooping cough epidemic

1898       Typhoid epidemic.  Mr Phillimore Clerk of School Board died and two more in village

                Elementary Science taught for first time.  Slates discarded in the Mixed Department

1900       March:  Both Berkeley and Badminton hounds ran foxes into the village – half day holiday.

                June:  Yards covered in asphalt - great improvement!

                Sept:  Headmaster moves to larger house

1902       April:  School closed for 100 children to go to Yate to see the Prince & Princess of Wales, in wagons lent by Squire Hardwicke.  School leaving age raised to 14.  In November 82 children have measles so school closed.

1905       New Bye-Law, children can leave school at 13 if they have attended 350 times in any 5 years since they were 5 years old.

1907       School closed on a number of occasions:-  Feb:  Influenza epidemic,  May:  Mumps epidemic,  July 20th : Squires daughter Eleanor’s wedding,  Dec: Measles and Chicken Pox epidemic.

1908       July:  Many children suffering from Ringworm and therefore excluded.

1910       May:  Whooping Cough epidemic, one death.

1914       Death of a pupil from Diphtheria and another from kidney problems.  Scarlett Fever in the village.

1915       April:  Children visit the Slab Factory (by the Quoins) and in May the Quarry.

1917       121 on roll.  School closed for blackberry picking – total for month 1 ton 297lbs.  19s-3d donated to Children’s Hospital.

1919       July 21st:  School closed for Peace Celebrations

1920       August:  School wins first prize for vegetables at Thornbury Flower Show.

1931       School wired for electric lighting (public subscriptions).  First quarters electricity bill 1/-.  Milk at 1d a bottle now supplied.

1935       100 on roll

1940       Evacuees arrive from Harwich, 32 children and 3 teachers.  Oct: first air raid warnings, Nov: Incendiary Bomb falls half a mile away.

1941       Feb:  Bombs heard falling at Yate – an old pupil (Ivy Day) killed.  March: German plane crashes in neighbourhood, children warned about carrying loaded machine gun ammunition.  May: Boys allowed to assist farmers plant potatoes so school closed.  10 tons planted.  June 17th: Pupil found drowned in pool in Church Quarry,  June 19th: War Weapons Week, school open to collect savings, £1016-15s-0d invested.  Nov: New school canteen opened 60 children per day each week received meals at two pence half penny a meal.

1944       Jan:  Incendiary bomb found in woods along New Road.  May:  Window blown out by bombs falling in district.  Oct:  (British) Bomber crashed at Grovesend.

1947       Oct:  New lavatories in use.

1948       Sept:  Telephone installed.

1950       Sept:  Itchington children conveyed to school by bus.

1953       Jan:  Children over 11 transferred to Thornbury Secondary.

1957       Sept:  53 on roll, cost of school dinner increased to 1/-.

1958       Telephone removed

1967       Telephone reinstalled!

1969       Air raid shelter demolished.

1970       TV set installed

1972       31 on roll  Leavers now go to Marlwood School.  Storage heaters in use and false ceilings fitted.