West Street Farm and West Street Cottage



The farmhouse to West Street Farm (formerly West End Farm) was probably built in the 17th century, one of many of Tytherington's substantial stone-built farmhouses, mostly no doubt on earlier foundations. A seemingly interesting building, no architectural study of it has yet been made. When the boundary between the manors of Tytherington and Itchington was defined in 1728, West End Farm (as it was then known) lay within the bourn the manor of Itchington and was farmed by Thomas Smith. (Smiths were prominent farmers in the parish at that time). However, the map, 40 years later, showing the farms belonging to Lord Willougby Broke in Itchington does not include West End and certainly by 1 was part of the Hardwicke estate in Tytherington, where it remain until the early 1920's when it passed into the hands of the James's, Tratts and Kingstons. Then in 1952 Ivor Grey took possession, an remains farmed by the Grey family The first recorded tenant after Thomas Smith was George Bryant in 1821; he farmed here until he died in 1854.  After that, West End Farm and the Tyler family are inextricably linked until 1924. As a prominent family in the parish for at least years, a short account of the Tylers can be found here.   West Street Farm pictured (left) in 2013





West Street Cottage

Down West Street from the farm was a small house described as the house where John Cullimore junior lives as 'a late 17th century stone house of the 'through passage' plan, its mullioned windows iron stanchions'. It was probably after his marriage to Sarah Pullen 1812 that Nathaniel Tyler came to this house, and soon was renting acres and engaged in malting, and laying the foundations for the future success of the family. Later the Tyler's moved next door to the larger West End Farm, and the house was occupied by James Barton and family up to the end of the century when it was converted into two cottages, only to be reconstructed into one house again in 1982 by Richard Williams.  West Street cottage (right) pictured in 1990, and below in 1978.

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West Street Farm For Sale in the Glos. Chronicle 21 July 1947 Rear of West Street Farm 1990 Local History group at West Street Farm 1990  
West Street cottage 1978 showing mullioned windows with iron bars between West Street cottage 1978 with drip mould above lower window West Street Cottage 1978