Memories about Mr. Manuell, head teacher at Tytherington School 1896-1911
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Edited highlights of Alsey 'Dossie' Curtis memories of Mr George Manuell the head teacher at Tytherington School. Alsey was born in 1897 and a pupil at the school when Mr Manuell was head teacher. The interview was undertaken in 1989 and 1992 by Roger Howell.

“Oh I didn't like the blighter. He was unkind to me. My sister used to cry her eyes out over me 'cos he was always caning us. There was Billy Powell and Billy Crocker. I suppose we were pretty naughty. But he was always giving us the cane. Nearly every blooming day. A nasty old boy he was. All he was good for was eating oranges. He used to pick up the desk top and hide behind and chew these oranges. He had a great big ruddy face. I never liked him at all. Now Mrs Manuell, she was lovely.

We had a concert,old Manuell he was in charge, he taught us. We were up there all assembled on the stage singing, a whole crowd of us, I don't know what we were singing but he was conducting. All of a sudden the blooming lot fell right down. Old Putty Humphries hadn't put the trestles right. It was on boards and then they put the trestles, and it collapsed all sideways. Flowerpots and everything fell off and fell on Mr Hardwicke (the Squire) and all the guests, posh guests in front there. We kept singing. Old Manuell kept us singing. My Nan went down flat on her face. Frightened the living daylights out of her. We kept singing and old Manuell made us feel it was nothing, but it wasn't, it was blooming dangerous. There were thirty or forty children on the thing, and it just sunk down.

Mr Manuell started off a Co-op. My dad had shares in it, and it went bust! Oh Ho! What they said about Manuell! I think that was why he suddenly left the village. The Squire, Mr Hardwicke, didn't agree with the Co-op and was at daggers drawn with him. Mr Manuell was an outspoken old rebel really.”

The 1871 Census shows George Manuell age 6 living with his father Joseph, agent for a Coal Company, mother Mary and elder brother William age 18. They reside in the village of Tuckinghill in the parish of Illogan, Cornwall.

The 1881 Census lists Joseph as a tin miner, Mary as a house keeper and George as a scholar age 16. William is still at home age 28, a carpenter.

In the 1891 Census George has a wife Eliza, a child Ivy age 1. He is an Elementary Teacher, Eliza a school mistress, living in Sparkwell, Devon.

The 1901 Census shows George Manuell age 36 born in Illogan, Cornwall, as a certified school teacher living in the School House, Tytherington with his wife Eliza age 32, a school teacher born in Cambourne, Cornwall. With them was their daughter Ivy age 11 born Plympton, Devon, and Mary Thomas, Eliza's mother age 51 born in Illogan, Cornwall.

In the 1911 Census George Manuell is a schoolmaster with Gloucestershire County Council. living in Long Marston,Stratford on Avon, with his wife Eliza, and daughter Ivy, a school teacher currently out of employment.

George Manuell died in Weston Super Mare in 1953 age 88.

Below Alsey 'Dossie' Curtis and his wife Phyllis in his Singer sports car.  For years he was chauffeur to the Squire Hardwicke Lloyd Hardwicke