Pendick's Farm, Stidcot, Tytherington
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Pendick's Farmhouse is thought to have originated as a longhouse, probably during the C16th, and that the living end was raised and rebuilt internally in 1667 and the byre converted to a kitchen.  One of the first owners of the house was William Neale snr., who in January 1700 raised a mortgage of 400 on the house which included 12 acres near the house, 2 acres of orchard at Cutt's Gate, and a further 21 acres elsewhere in the parish.  Over the years owners have included:- William Neale jnr. 1700-1713; Richard Francombe 1713; Thomas Emerson 1713-1720; Rachel Russell 1720-1789, Thomas Russell 1789-1821; William Penduck 1825-1863; Rev. George Taswell 1863-1868; John Smith 1873; Richard Hobbs Smith 1873-1920; John Henry King 1920-1943; Ivie King 1943-1969; Jotcham and Kendall 1943-1969, Frederick Pearson 1970.
Pendick's Farm 2013 Pendick's Farm 2013
Pendick's Farm c 1980 before renovation Pendick's Farm bottom left, Summerleaze Farm centre, Stidcot Farm top left
Louise Withers (nee King) from Pendick''s Farm and her husband c 1900 Mrs John King at Pendick's Farm, Tytherington c 1910. Mother of Ivy King