Roll Books from World War One


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When men enrolled into the military details were logged in Roll Books.  The extracts below refer to the 1st (City of Bristol) Volunteer Battalion of the Gloucester Regiment.  This unit was equivalent to what we know as the Home Guard in WW2.  They didn't get to fight in the trenches of France or the beaches of Gallipoli, although some of them, the older ones especially, may have gone into battle in earlier years eg. the Boer War.

This World War One Roll Book page includes George Dyer, Arthur Daniells, Edward Livall, Lawford Blanchard and Alcey Kingscott, all born in Tytherington

Rank Name Age Enrolled Children Height Chest Occupation Next of kin Address
Pte Kingscott Alcey 37 18/7/17 2F 5ft 8.5ins 36 Quarryman Annie (wife) Edwards Farm, Tytherington
Pte Blanchard Lawford 36 18/07/17 1F 2M 5ft 9.5 ins 37.5 Engine Driver Florence Alice Tytherington Glos
Pte Dyer George 41 18/07/17 1M 5ft 4.5 ins 36 Engine Driver    
Pte Daniells Arthur 37 18/07/17 1M 5ft 4 ins 38 Quarryman Fanny Itchington, Alveston
Pte Livall Edward 17 18/07/17   5ft 6 ins 34 Quarryman Clara Long Buckover, Falfield

The pages of the Roll Book below feature George Livall, Albert Cassell, Edwin Holpin, Albert Selby, and William Denner, all with links to Tytherington.

Rank Name Age Enrolled Children Height Chest Occupation Next of kin Address
Cpl Livall George 32 18/07/17   5ft 6.5 ins 36.5 ins Engine Driver Lily (wife) Vicars Cottage Tytherington
Pte Cassell Albert 38 18/07/17 M 5ft 8ins 37 ins Engine Driver Elizabeth  (wife) Tytherington
Pte Holpin Edwin 41 18/07/17 M M 5ft 10ins 36.5 ins Quarryman Elizabeth Margaret (wife) Baden Hill, Falfield
Pte Selby Albert 42 18/07/17 F 5ft 9ins 40.5 ins Set Maker Rosa  (wife) Tytherington
LCpl Denner William 37 18/07/17   5ft 11ins 37 ins Quarryman Jane Denner Tytherington