Tytherington School Log Book Extracts



The Tytherington School Log Books give a fascinating insight into the life of the village.  Click on the extracts below which include such items as "the children seem to have forgotten a good deal of their work"; "I have started a school library, we have over 100 volumes of good reading"; "Austin Livall has been absent 55 times this year... ...his mother says the vicar has given her permission to keep him at home"; "...two more deaths have resulted from the typhoid fever" (the Clerk to the Tytherington School Board died in this typhoid outbreak);  "School closed on Thursday there being a meet of the Fox Hounds in the village".


September 1890 August/September 1891 February 1892 June/ July 1892 August/September 1897
February 1898 February/March 1900
The following extracts below are from the 1940's during World War 2.  They include: "...two boys reported finding a bomb in the woods in New Road"; "Only seven children attended school this morning and it was decided not to cook a meal for so few";  "Have today warned the children of carrying loaded machine gun ammunition";  "School closed at 12 o'clock today to allow boys to assist farmers plant potatoes".
December 1940- January 1941. Headmaster Mr Hemmingway retires March 1941 May 1941 June/July 1941 July/August 1941
November/December 1942 September 1943 January/March 1944 March/April 1944 March/April 1945

Mrs E. Messenger was a pupil at the school in the 1920's.  She wrote a short letter (see below) on the centenary of the school in 1977 recalling her school days