Vicars of St. James Church, Tytherington

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Incumbents of Tytherington





Hugh Powell 1578 Queen Elizabeth
John Lacey 1581 Queen Elizabeth
William Jones 1610 King James
William Jones 1615 John Alfred Esq.
William Eldridge 1622 John Verney Esq.
Thomas Birte 1679 Guy Lawrence
Samuel Hall 1709 George Bridges Esq.
Thomas Harris 1736 Peter Hardwicke M.D.
Thomas Shellard 1740 Peter Hardwicke M.D.
James Hardwicke 1785 George Hardwicke M.D.
George Wade Green 1817 Thomas Hardwicke Esq.
William Henry Moncreiff Roberson 1830 Thomas Hardwicke
Gerald Jackson 1882  
John Bingley 1895  
Herbert Arkell 1901-15 W.A. Lochee
Arthur Swayne 1916 W.A. Lochee
Arthur Kitson 1919-48 W.A. Lochee
Edwin Waddleton 1949 Martyrs Memorial Trust
Richard Stoddart 1954 Martyrs Memorial Trust
James Jenkins 1960 Martyrs Memorial Trust
William Neighbour 1962-82 Martyrs Memorial Trust
In 1983 Tytherington was joined with Cromhall and Tortworth as a United Benefice    
Rector -  Christopher Lee 1983-1993 Joint Patrons:  Oriel College/Church Pastoral Aid Society/Earl of Duce
Patricia Lyes-Wilsdon 1994-2009  
From 2004 United Benefice linked with Falfield and Rockhampton    
Jennifer A. d'Esterre 2009-2016