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A selection of newspaper articles from The Western Daily Press:-
29th August 1914



Five private motor cars lent for the purpose, conveyed a number of young recruits from Thornbury to Horfield yesterday.  The young fellows represented the third batch got together by Mr J. H. Bond, who has recently been appointed the local recruitment official.  The men were mostly from Tytherington, chiefly employed in the stone quarries.  People in the High Street gave them a hearty send off.

28th May 1915



On Tuesday afternoon hundreds of the inhabitants of Thornbury turned out to give the detachment of the 6th Gloucesters  a hearty welcome to the town in connection with their recruitment tour.  The detachment under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Woodcock, marched with the regimental band from Berkeley, where they had been staying since the previous Friday.  The soldiers were met by members of the local Recruitment Committee and conducted to the comfortable billets arranged for them.  At 6pm the band played some capital selections on the Plain and eloquent appeals were made for recruits.

On Wednesday the detachment paraded at 9am and marched through Crossways, the Hackett and Grovesend to Tytherington, where the inhabitants provided them with a substantial lunch.  The return march was accomplished shortly before one o'clock.  The soldiers were later entertained to tea by the Lady Constance Howard at Thornbury Castle and at 5 pm athletics sports events took place at the Grammar School field.

1st October 1915


There is every excuse for cheerfulness over the magnificent fighting of the French and British troops.  It is evident that with the plentiful supply of munitions and financial support assured, the recent successes, perhaps only the beginnings of the great task and but an indication of what is to follow.  But it is at home that much can be done by those that cannot fight or make munitions of war.  For those who cannot take a stand in the firing line there is that home duty, which might be described as that of caretaker, namely conserving the nation's resources, by the study of economy and the continuous saving of expenditure and by directly supporting the country by the loan of available money.  In this direction there is much scope for patriotism and it is only by a great national effort that the financial resources of the country can be conserved.

In connection with this effort there have been many meetings held throughout the country.  Last evening a well attended meeting was held at Tytherington when the speakers were Messrs Althestan Rendall M.P. and G.J. Paton, the chairman being Mr H. L. Hardwicke J.P.